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Ash Ward


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Ashton James Ward (Ash)
Disney's PhotoPass Photographer at The Walt Disney Company and Delicatessen Team Member at Coles Supermarket Studying Photoimaging at Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE and Spanish at University of Melbourne Lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Partnered to Pukamon Knows English, Japanese From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Born on October 31 1990

Basic Information
About AshtonAshton "Ash" James Ward was Chosen during the winter of 1999 when Vamdemon's forces attacked Luna Park in search of the eighth Chosen Child. Though he saved Pukamon from deletion, he was reluctant to recognize any partnership between them until Pukamon returned the favor. Ash also refused to let him fight at Christmas 2002, and, despite seeing other Chosens' closer relationships with their own partners, remained wary of anything to do with Digimon.

Life went on. Ash went to high school, making two close friends and even telling one about Pukamon. In his second to last year of high school he went on exchange to Japan on a whim, living in West Shinjuku, Tokyo from early September 2007 to September 2008; here he learned to rely on Pukamon, his only guaranteed and English fluent friend in a foreign land. Upon finishing high school he began a Diploma of Photoimaging at a local vocational college and got halfway through before going on what was supposed to be a one year internship at Walt Disney World, Florida. This turned into seasonal work at Disney after Ash successfully completed his internship, and he worked in Florida during school breaks as he finished up his diploma.

With the Australian media's initial xenophobia, it took ten years before he told his family about Digimon. By then Digimon were becoming more widespread, and his family were more upset that he'd kept it a secret than about his involvement with them. These days he's more open about Digimon and more open to those with them, as long as no one gets hurt.

profile picture: CRM
other art: starshone_storm

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